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Every album has a story. This is the story of Unbroken. It started with the writing of “Resurrection Baby”, a song of healing and resurrecting from an uninvited, unexpected hurt. The last song written, “Unbroken”, well that is about it becoming safe to let love in again, that easy, gentle love exists. The ten songs of this album, tell the story of moving out of and into, whatever that might be for you!

Unbroken is the story of our capacity to heal our own hearts, forgive ourselves, and let beauty, love and grace, in again. For one’s self first, for that is the only space in which, beauty, love and grace can find you. This album is in its own way, a teacher, reminding us to always be curious about how good life and love can be. That when we live from that place, of curiosity, our capacity to become unbroken is infinite.


Kae Shelby

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25% Of Sales Will Be Donated To True Patriot Love


Thank you to my sisters, Rose-Marie and Kelly, my sister in friendship, Vicky and my brother Perry. You walked along side me in the years of healing, you were patient and you trusted me that I could and would heal. To my mom, dad, brother Todd, nephew Taylor in heaven, I hope you love the music from all the way up there! Todd and Taylor, I dedicate this album to your memory. A song for you both, that you left us, “Way Too Soon”.

Julie and Rhonda, 2/3s of Kae’s Krew, thank you for your endless support, in the making of “Unbroken”. The journey of recording in Austin was all the more special that you were with me and Jo! You buoyed me ladies, in ways that words defy, as I sang the songs of, “Unbroken”. 

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From making signs every morning, handing me Kleenex when my own songs made me cry, to, “no bad days” these are amazing and indelibly stamped memories.

To Jo

There will never be enough space to say it all! In addition to being the remaining third of Kae’s Krew, you are the Sunshine of my life, a safe space in love! You truly are the Unbreaking of me. I feel and know your heart beats only goodness, love, kindness and understanding. I didn’t need to be saved, I only needed to be loved. I love our love story. I loved becoming unbroken with you and because of you. Thank you for loving me.




1. Hurt Too Hard (Kae Shelby. CC Trubiak. Anders Drerup.)
2. This Time (Kae Shelby. North Easton.)
3. Resurrection Baby (Kae Shelby. Anders Drerup.)
4. Unbroken (Kae Shelby. Anders Drerup.) 

5. Drivin' With The Top Down (Jay Quinlan. Anders Drerup.) 
6. Hope (Jay Quinlam. Anders Drerup.)
7. Greatest Love On Earth (Jay Quinlan. Anders Drerup.)
8. Whole New World (Jay Quinlan. Anders Drerup.)
9. A Love With You (Jay Quinlan. Anders Drerup.)
10. Way Too Soon (Kae Shelby, Anders Drerup)

Lead Vocals – Kae Shelby
Anders Drerup – Piano, Organ, Synthesizer, Acoustic/Electric Guitar, Harmonica, Background Vocals
Andrew Pressman – Base Guitar, Stand Up Base
Nick Chambers – Drums, Percussion
Ruby Jane Smith – Fiddle/Violin
Alyssa Longoria – Back Up Vocals

Album Production
Producer - Anders Drerup at Anders Drerup Music, Austin, Texas Engineer – Steve Foley at Audio Valley Sound Recording Studio Mastering – Jason Fee at Conduction Mastering
Recorded at Same Sky Production Recording Studio and Anders Drerup Music, Austin, Texas

Thank you to the Song Writers who contributed to the writing of Unbroken

Anders Drerup, Jay Quinlan, North Easton


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