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My name is Kae Shelby Roberts and I am mostly MUSIC and a little bit motorcycles. I have had a passion for music ever since I knew that it existed. We all have our story of when we discovered that music was not just what we listened to but who we were and are. My moment of reckoning was when I was nine years old, in the mornings before school, pressing my ear up to our hi-fi stereo, yes, that's right, "hi-fi" stereo in the living room, singing along to anyone from Anne Murray, REO Speedwagon, to Burton Cummings. The feel of the vibrato in my body, finding my heart; music was, is and always will be, my first love. , From that moment, I knew, I would grow up and become a recording artist. My cultural conditioning had other plans and in spite of paying my own way through vocal lessons as soon as my first job at Sudbury Downs afforded me the chance to I succumbed to working for the man and spent the majority of my career as a Police Officer, retiring early to start my own consulting business. But this passion for singing, song writing, it  never went away, how could it, it lived in my every inhale and every exhale. Dormant is not dead, and music was not dead in me.


Now I don't want this sounding like a sad story and the truth is folks, it could only be a sad story if it was that I let the dream of that little nine year old me die on the floor of that living room. That's not who I am, "I am Music and Motorcycles", and well I own a motorcycle so there is just one thing left to do and that is to become a solo recording artist and I am doing just that.


I have learned along the way, there is plenty of room for all of us singer/songwriters. There are so many competitions out there and we're constantly judging, and making winners and losers. You only lose when you don't follow your dream, or you let someone make you believe that you have nothing to offer the amazing world that music is. You only lose if you let those who think it's about winning, being better than, being seen more, being heard more, push you off your stage. You only lose if you let one insecure voice make you insecure in your voice.


As the song goes, "shout it, shout it, shout it out loud." If singing is what you love to do, whether it's in the shower, in front of your family, in a small Café , a mediocre bar or a grand stage, sing your heart out, and never let anyone tell you or make you believe you can't. All the world's a stage. There is room for all of us who are passionate about lending our voice in song that we can all hurt and heal a little when hurtin' and healin' is what it will take to climb the mountain to the other side.


I've discovered in all of the pain it took to get here to this point where you are listening to me, it was worth it for the pleasure that beats in my heart. 

I want to thank you all for coming here, listening and letting me realize this long held and possible dream.

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